Private investigation in Japan

The Detective agency Japan is here to help you to solve your problems.

At Detective Agency Japan, we offer service to support application for and consultation with agencies in Japan via our website for those who use P.I. to obtain information and acquire evidence. Especially those of you who look for P.I. to have investigations for individuals/companies in Japan, counter surveillance in Japan, risk consultation, and business consultation should check it out. The payment can be made online with your credit card. The evidence report also can be send by email as PDF file.

Detective Agency Japan is one of Japanese investigation organizations that has been used by customers from all over the world. We are the investigation specialized in many areas; private investigation, business related survey/consultation, and any kind of evidence acquisition investigation.


Top-rated investigations in Japan

We are the private invetsigation agency that is supported by many lawyers and reliable.


Reasonable fee

Deposit and guarantee pay-back payment system available for internatonal clients.


Problems solving with our specialists

Our business alliance with a variety of professionals will support and guide you to solve problems.


Private consultation in business fields

Business purpose requests for investigation and surveillance are also available.

Please feel free to ask us any questions and concerns you have, if this is your first time to hire a private investigator.
Most importantly, because Detective agency is identified by the prefectural public safety commission as one of the most reliable investigation organization, we are the best place you should call if this is your first try to private investigation.

Our 5 missionsPROMISE

We handle your cases personally and carefully.
To understand your case properly, we might ask the behind story of your case. Our investigators are very experienced with handling your sensitive information, so your personal information will never be given to third-parties.
We provide fee plan
within your budget.
We offer the best plan matching with your case within your cost budget, so please feel free to ask us if you have any concerns in your budget.
Our professionals support
your ideal future.
Our mission is to provide supportive information for our customers. We devote our experiences and professional knowledge to you getting into your ideal future life.
We provide “keys” to pursue for sloving your problems.
A very first step to slove your problem is gathering information behind of your case. Our investigators help you to figure it out through conversation with you.
Your satisfaction is guranteed by our qualified services.
Our investigators are well-trained and experienced about survey technology and problem solving skills. Quality works are guaranteed.

Investigation flowSTEP 01 - 08


send request

please feel free to contact us via phone call or request form. You can directly consult with our surveyors.


survey plan and
retainer fee guidelines

Regarding of your requests, we propose the best plan and estimate its fee. (There is no charge for an estimate.)



You can apply and contact directly with your investigator. They will listen to all your requests at the moment and conduct it as much as they can.


Investogation starts

We begin with pre-survey and move on to certain investigation which is processed by a team, at least more than 2 professionals.


First report session

During an investigation, we keep updating you about our progress. This process will help us to find missing or misunderstanding.


Final report session

After all process of investigations, we provide you an evidence report. It has all information obtained by our survey and that is highly confidential. Please beware of handling it carefully.


Supports and consulting services
for problem solving

Based on the information we gather from the investigation, our specialists can be flexible working with additional supports to solve your problems. Please feel free to contact us.


Introduce other professionals

Through hearing your requests, in case of that we consider other fields’ professional knowledge are `needed, we can introduce them to you.

For your first calling usFOR BEGINNER



Please feel free to contact us if this is your first time to hire a private investigation in Japan.

We can support your first step to hire a private investigation or other organization in Japan.

For concerns you have at first try to hire a private investigation, we recommend you to have a first conversation with us about how much the average fee for investigation is, and how much your plan would be, and even if you truly need a private investigation to solve your problems. Most likely to be the biggest issue of considering a private investigation is a cost and we offer various plans fit your case regarding your budget.


The most reputable detective agency by lawyers in Japan

22 years experience since we are established as a survey part of a lawyer office

We are the private invetsigation agency that is supported by many lawyers and reliable.

Detective agency is established in 1998 as a survey department in a lawyer office and it’s been 22 years to experience in this field. Fortunately, many lawyers recommend us to their clients thus far. Currently we receive over 8,000 applications yearly and some clients are introduced by local police or public offices. Through communication with our clients, we have been able to end up with their satisfaction. Either good or bad evidence we gather, they have been able to be satisfied by the results, because they made a decision using our services. This motivates us everyday and boosts our qualified work.


Why you should choose us

Why you should choose us

Under our corporate policy, Insatiable inquiry, all of us are passionate with helping clients’ problem solving, no matter how difficult your situation is. In addition, we are always honest and reliable to all clients. That’s how we understand clients' cases and concerns properly.

Investigation requests
for all location in Japan acceptable

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Detective Agency Japan

Investigation requests for all location in Japan acceptable


Free conslutation/estimate requests available 24/7

*All information on the request form will be encrypted.





Phone number


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Investigation objectrequired


Any informaton you have at this moment


Request purpose


Budget range


Please make sure that your requests
are not in crimes or other activies encouraging criminal behaviors.
In case we find it as criminal promotion behaviors, we will not accept your application.

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